Reality Check – Running the Pennine Way POSTPONED!

I always seem to be making excuses; but the last twenty months have been pretty hard going for me personally. From the two stress fractures to my diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder, to describe this period of my life as ‘challenging’ would seem fair.

On Monday I tasked myself to attempt to run from Keswick to Heskett Newmarket following some of the Cumbria Way footpath and then over the top of High Pike. Although I succeeded in this, it was really tough going (tougher than it should have been)ย and it was a definite wake up call for me.

High Pike

My fitness is nowhere near where I need it to be and I am carrying far too much body weight. I am having to take a cocktail of medication to try and keep my bipolar symptoms under control and an unfortunate side effect of these drugs is tiredness and weight gain. My weight is now just about where it was before I started running.

I do believe that I will get back to where I was with my weight and fitness, but I know this will take some time to achieve. In the short term this has led me to drop out of ‘The Quest’ ultra marathon in May and enter The Castle to Castle coastal trail race (10 miles) on the same day instead. In the long(ish) Term I have had to postpone my attempt to run the whole of the Pennine Way until at least 2019.

I am very grateful to everyone who has sponsored me and supported me so far. The money you have donated will go directly to help Hen Harrier conservation. I hope that you do not feel too let down by me. I will continue to enter events that will be part of the training for my final goal, I just ask for a bit of patience whilst I get to where I need to be.

10 thoughts on “Reality Check – Running the Pennine Way POSTPONED!

  1. Steve

    Don’t feel like you’re letting anyone down. You’re doing what is right for yourself.

    Chin up Tris. Given what you’ve been through the last two years it’s not a bad idea to take some time to reflect.

    You’ll be back and I’ll be right behind you when you are.

  2. Sarah Grundy

    Tristan you are doing an amazing job under those circumstances and you are an absolute inspiration to us all as many would have thrown in the towel by now.
    Keep up the training and you will get there – I don’t think there is any doubt in that xx

  3. Howard Seal

    To me this comes across as very positive as you show a great awareness of your current limits without assuming that means they will always be you limits which suggests the Bipolar treatment is having a good impact. You are as always an inspiration and I am always (OK when I am able) up for a walk/run/wildlife explore meet up!

  4. Sabiene

    Thanks for the blog Tristan. You have in no way let anyone down. I for one find your relentless determination an inspiration when life feels tough.

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