Running for Hen Harriers – An overdue update…..

I feel I have to apologise for the lack of updates; but to be perfectly honest things have been really tough going.

On the back of my Lakeland 50 DNF I set out a few weeks later to run the 32 mile ultra in Cornwall called ‘The Rat’ determined that I would finish this one! It was going to be a warm day on my feet; but I was really looking forward to this challenge. However my series of calamities  was set to continue…

After making it to the first checkpoint with plenty of time to spare, I was feeling good! A few hundred yards after that checkpoint and my race was over. My right leg buckled under me as I badly rolled my ankle. I heard a crack as it happened, so I thought I had broken my ankle. A few hours in two different A & E’s later and thankfully there was no broken bones…..just bad sprain with torn ligaments! Frustrating is probably an understatement!



So, for the third time in 12 months I was back on crutches and unable to run!

The following weekend I met up with my goof friend Chris and we made our way to Rutland for the British Birdwatching Fair. We were just visiting for the day this year; so we had a lot to pack into the day. It was great catching up with friends from around the world and I really enjoyed catching up with the Birding for All guys on their stand.

The main reason for my visit was to give a talk about my Running for Hen Harriers project. My talk was well attended and there were plenty of questions at the end, which is always a good sign! There was something a little ironic about someone talking about running the Pennine Way whilst hobbling about on crutches!

I also had the opportunity to meet up with Chris Packham to chat about my running for Hen Harriers project. Hopefully he will help me promote things as I progress with my training!

Roll on last weekend and having been off the crutched for a few weeks I decided I had to at least get to the start line of the Great North Run. I hat got a place into the event through the charity place system. I was of course running for the RSPB! Given that the RSPB had paid for the place I felt I at least had to try and run!

I managed to get a lift in a coach going across the Newcastle courtesy of the mighty DH Runners (thank you Kate) which made things a lot easier. Once arrived, I found my start zone and waited for the start of the race. It took about fifteen minuted to cross the start line and then I was off! After the first few miles I know that this was going to be a tough ask; my ankle was protesting, the heat made thing tough and the fact I had not run any distance for about six weeks meant that my fitness was just not there!

From then on it was more of a yomp than a run, it wasn’t very enjoyable in the crowds, but I was determined to finish this one. My plan was to just keep my legs turning over and I thankfully succeeded in this. Although this was my slowest ever half-marathon, it felt so good to cross that finish line!


A lot of lessons learned with this one. Mainly the fact I need to get back to fitness again. I have six months until the Harmoors 55 ultra… no excuses!

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