Training for ‘The Quest’ – Week One Done!

I started my training schedule for ‘The Quest‘ on Wednesday of last week with a 6 mile run on the local roads. This run was a bit of an eye-opener as to how much I need to improve. My fitness is way of what it was and needs to be. I am trying to keep my longer runs at ‘training Pace’ which should be around 10 to 11 minute miling on road. Although I started off at to fast a pace, the slow mile six put me in the right average for this run. Always grateful to my freind Sam who always keeps me going when I am starting to struggle!

My weight and mental health are two things that are influencing my running currently, but I am making progress with both these factors.

Thursday saw me running around the streets of Wigton with Wigton Road Runners.  It was an interval session, running 600 meter intervals. Hard work, but kind of enjoyable too!

Friday was a training pace 3 miles with Charlee our dog. We had a nice sunny run around the smaller loop and I managed to keep to pace. It actually felt good!

Charlee 🙂

Sunday saw me participating in the Watchtree Nature Reserve trail 5k run. This is a fantastic event open to to all abilities. I decided to run this flat course at tempo pace. This basically means I am running at a ‘comfortably hard pace’, so pushing hard enough to elevate my breathing & HR but able to hold a conversation!

There was a great turn out for this event and lots of familiar faces. The weather was stunning, so I had a great run!

On Monday I decided to have a run up and around Latrigg. I ran up the ‘roller coaster’ route before summiting the fell.I must admit that since rolling my ankle last august I am finding fell running a bit more challenging, I think it is a confidence thing more than anything! When running on fell or more technical trail I have decided that I just have to ‘yomp’ it and not pressure myself too much. The extra weight I am carrying currently is also impacting on my pace, but this should improve over time! Despite the toughness of the run, it was most definitely worth it for the views!


The following day I was out running a tempo paced run with Wigton Road Runners. I definitely felt the previous few days effort in my legs and although enjoyable, I found it quite a hard run!

With the first seven days of training done I have lots to work on. My motivation to get out in all weathers is certainly a struggle at this time of year, but so far so good. I have logged some good miles. My fitness is a work in progress, but this should come good once I drop more weight! It is my mental resolve that will decide whether I succeed or fail!

Does the fact I only have 106 days until I run ‘The Quest’ scare me? Well, yes of course it does. However, if I keep doing what I am doing, then I will get there!

As I stated in my previous post; I am taking one event at a time this year. The Quest ( a 40 mile ultra marathon on the Cornish coast) will be my first big challenge of 2017. However all of this years events are all in training for my attempt to run all 267 miles of the Pennine Way in 2018 to raise funds and awareness for Bipolar UK and The RSPB’s Hen Harrier LIFE project. You can find out more about this and support my ongoing efforts here:

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